Stone Temple Pilots at The Palladium: My Top 10 Observer-ations

Not sure he remembers any of it, but lead singer Scott Weiland put on quite the show Wednesday night. Two words: Fucked. Up.

9. Among his amusing, entertaining offerings: "The thing I love about Texas is you've got soul. I don't care about politics, you guys care about your community." What. The. What?! 

8. First song: "Wicked Garden". Last song: "Sex Type Thing." Unless I missed the encore?

7. STP started their scheduled 9:15 show promptly at 9:45. Most consistently late things in life: Doctor appointments, wives leaving the house, refund checks and rock bands.

6. Let me repeat this: I'm not a real big fan of boots, but something about women in boots and denim skirts does it for me. Especially those drinking a bottle beer, wiggling their hips and singing along to "Vasoline."

5. Weiland's accessory has always been the bullhorn. Weird. Tom Landry coached through one. But singing through one? Somehow it works.

4. More Weiland gold: "We're lucky. We came along at a time with Soundgarden ... and The Breeders." I remember "Cannonball", but mostly question marks on that reference. And this: "You've got schools here, man. And they're real schools." Funny, but if he only knew.

3. Not that you'd ever wanna hear it, but if I had to sing one song to save my life it'd be "Plush."

2. Weiland's "best" line of the night. Trying to talk football in football country, he boasted about being a Notre Dame fan and claimed "there's nothing better than watching Joe Montana come back in the Cotton Bowl to beat Texas." Of course he was referring to the classic, icy '79 game against Houston. I think.

1. Perhaps the band from San Diego is slowing down in middle age or maybe they were just trying not to leave Weiland behind. Whatever, their songs were dragging a smidge all night. Not bad, just slower than you've heard before. Sounded like a an old 45 record played at 33. If you're old enough to understand that analogy, you're probably old enough to enjoy STP.

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