Stunt Bikers Shut Down the Calatrava Last Night

Last May, after conquering Central Expressway by stopping traffic and graffitiing the pavement as an inexplicable memorial to a fallen comrade, stunt bikers planned to do much the same to the newly opened Calatrava. But a heavy -- and heavy-handed -- police presence derailed those plans.

Really, though, they'd only pressed pause. A group of them showed up on the bridge last night and formed a traffic-stopping wall of crotch rocket. Who knows what havoc they would have wreaked if it weren't for Fox 4.

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Don't think for a second that the bikers just got bored and decided to leave. Fox 4 points out repeatedly -- on Twitter, on air, and in the story that appears on their website -- that the bikers stayed on the bridge "until they noticed the FOX 4 cameras. Then they took off letting other drivers on the bridge get on their way."

The moral of the story is that Fox 4 = Batman.

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Eric Nicholson
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