Suites Sweetened Cowboys' Super Bowl Bid? So Says Indy Paper.

There's a name for Jerry Jones' grin here ... something-eating maybe? It's on the tip of my tongue...

You know who's pissed that the Cowboys landed Super Bowl XLV? Well, sure -- Indianapolis, duh. As proof, we point you to this story, just posted, from the Indianapolis Business Journal, which says what really put Jerry and his 'Boys over the top wasn't the presentation from Captain America or the 100,000-seat Jerryworld being constructed in Arlington, but a last-minute promise from the Cowboys to add more suites to its sweet deal offered to the league:

Dallas added suites to its 2011 Super Bowl proposal at the 11th hour -- a move that may have dealt a fatal blow to Indianapolis’ bid to host the big game.

Sources say Dallas viewed the additional suites as needed because of strong competition from Indianapolis.

The suites will be used by the NFL to entertain guests and sponsors, and will be sold, with the revenue going to the NFL, according to an NFL executive and another source, who is a consultant to several NFL teams. Neither wished to be identified.

It could not be determined how many of the projected 300 suites at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium originally were committed to the league in the bid or how many more were added. But one of the sources said it was "a lot."

To which Jerry Jones apparently added, "Suck it, Jim Irsay," though that quote was unconfirmed at press time. --Robert Wilonsky

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