Super (?) News & Notes: From Cotton Bowl to Coliseum, Power (For Now!) and Shut Up, Baby

That's the latest Oncor outage map above -- and it appears quite a bit busier than yesterday's at-this-time look-see. (Which might explain the fleet of tree-removal trucks that just passed in front of the house?) Still, ERCOT and Oncor insist no need for rolling blackouts this morning, despite the expectation that a "winter record [is] expected this morning," along with one of the worst cases of cabin fever ever. ...

Sorry to tell you, but that Cotton Bowl jamboree planned for tomorrow and Saturday nights has been moved inside after all -- can't imagine why. Last night, Ariana Hajibashi, the publicist for the XLV Party, sent word that it's been moved from the Cotton Bowl to the under-used-anyway Fair Park Coliseum. Not because of issues with un-tented tent, says Jason Hutchins, the guy putting this on, but because "the entrance tunnel has been covered in a thick layer of ice." Fun! Still. Drowning Pool's been added to the Saturday-night show -- as an enticement of some kind? Tix now $59. Or free ...

And, finally, a few Friends of Unfair Park have passed along this piece posted last night by NBC Sports' Mike Florio, in which he writes the weather's one thing, but Dallas's response to the ice is a whole 'nother problem: "The Dallas indifference to the extensive presence of ice creates a sense that North Texas simply doesn't care much about the fact that the Super Bowl is in town, possibly an accurate observation since the local team won't be playing in the game." And so, he insists: "We can't and won't support a return of the league's championship game to any point north of Houston." We who, sir? You and Richie?

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Robert Wilonsky
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