Sure Doesn't Feel Like It, But From the Looks of Fair Park, the State Fair's Nigh Upon Us

As often as I can, I take a stroll or bike ride through Fair Park -- I'm lucky enough to live across the street from one of my favorite places in Dallas. And while the landscape is usually the same beautiful, quiet ghost town, recently things have been changing. The Fair is rising. Every day, a new tent pops up, a State Fair sign is resurrected, and ticket booths spring forth from wherever they hibernate for most of the year. No sign of the big 'ol cowboy Big Tex just yet.

Yep, it's almost State Fair season -- the countdown clock is down to 35 days and change -- the best time of year to be a Texan begins September 30 and runs through October 23. If you need a visible sign that the heat from the sun is about to give way to steam from fired-up fryers, here it is: a quick stroll through what's happening in Fair Park. For optimal anticipatory joy, walk or bike around in person.

Care for a corn dog?

With the Fletcher's sign already hung, it's official, you can soon eat 'em till your heart's content. If fried biscuits and gravy are your thing, word is Mark Zable, who brought the world fried beer last year, will be doling out the fried Southern favorites this time around. Lots to look forward to.

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