Sure, DPD Chief David Kunkle's Retiring. But He's Still Got Some Officers to Fire.

The Dallas Police Department media relations office announced moments ago that yet another DPD officer has been terminated by Chief David Kunkle. Here's the missive that just dropped in our in-box:

Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle terminated Police Officer Robert G. Ramsey, #8803, today during a disciplinary hearing. On March 6, 2008, Officer Ramsey used inappropriate force on a citizen, failed to follow policies and procedures when he released the citizen, and then issued one additional citation to that citizen without the citizen's knowledge. It was also discovered during a thorough review of Officer Ramsey's day to day ticket writing practices that he wrote citations to a citizen for offenses that he did not witness, and gave conflicting statements to investigators. Officer Ramsey was assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division and had served on the Department for three years.
Not much had been written about Ramsey before this. Tanya Eiserer mentioned him in a blog item in August of '08, in an item about troubles with tickets being written by some officers. According to the DMN'er, Ramsey "added an additional violation for not using a turn signal to a person's ticket after giving it to the violator's friend."

Ramsey can now appeal his firing to City Manager Mary Suhm. And if he doesn't like what she has to say, he can always take his case to an administrative law judge, just as Al Schoelen's doing again next month. As you no doubt recall, Schoelen was also let go for his role in a fake-ticket scandal.

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Kimberly Thorpe
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