Surprise! Yellow Cab's New App Looks Just Like Uber's

They've tried to beat them at the City Council, they're still trying to beat them with Michael Morris and the NCTCOG, now Yellow Cab is trying to join Uber and Lyft by offering an app that consumers might actually want to use.

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As you can see, Yellow Cab's newly rechristened Curb app is what would happen if Uber's app was skinned with its competitor Lyft's color scheme. Functionally, Curb seems to behave similarly to Uber's and Lyft's apps as well, down to the referral bonuses. You pinpoint your location with your smartphone's GPS and a cab is dispatched to you.

But you'll still have to ride in a Yellow Cab if you use it.

You'll still be stuck with a driver who cares more about gaming the meter than traffic laws. You'll still be told that that the cab you just sprinted out of the bar to hail "doesn't go to your neighborhood" if you live anywhere in Oak Cliff. And you'll pay way too much.

That's what it comes down to. In a city without 24-hour public transportation, drunk people and those without cars need a way to get home. No matter its gussied up app or how much Yellow Cab owner Jack Bewly contributes to City Council members, Yellow Cab with a new paint job is still just Yellow Cab.

Clarification: Curb was created by a private company that partners with cab companies around the United States. It was not created by, or exclusive to, Yellow Cab.

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