Survey Says: Texas Teachers Very Dissatisfied

The headline reads "4 in 10 Texas teachers moonlight to make ends meet." But based upon the results of a survey of Texas teachers by Sam Houston State University, commissioned and released today by the Texas State Teachers Association, it could just as likely read, "Only 28.8 percent of Texas teachers consider the quality of teaching at their schools better than it was five years ago." Or, perhaps: "Only 32.1 percent of Texas teachers believe they have adequate time to prepare and teach."

Or, it might have read: "Only 6 percent of Texas teachers believe a single standardized test should determine whether a student gets promoted." Or, just maybe: "Texas teachers' out-of-pocket expenses on school supplies averaged $564 a year." (From what I've seen during my 6-year-old son's first two years in the Dallas Independent School District, that sounds about right -- and still, it's a shocking amount.)

From the release:

"It is a shame that so many of our dedicated educators have to struggle with extra jobs to support their families, but they have no choice," said TSTA President Rita Haecker. "They are to be commended for going the extra mile each day for their students and their families. It is past time for our elected state officials to give these professionals the professional pay that they deserve."

Almost half of the respondents (46.7 percent) said they were seriously considering leaving the profession, but the fact that 58.6 percent also were their family's major breadwinners made that prospect difficult for many teachers.

As you may recall, when the DISD board approved the district's $1.25-billion budget last month, it didn't include raises.

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