Sweet Thighs and Another Surprise

Got an e-mail last week from a Canadian reader (who knew?) wondering whatever happened to that Nick Tosches-Homer Henderson CD due for release, oh, in 1998. Frankly, Willow (if that is your real name), I have no idea. But in the spirit of whatever Jewish holiday's coming up, here's "The Sweet Thighs of Mother Mary," one of the three songs from 1998's Nick & Homer, featuring one of America's best writers and one of Texas' finest whatever it is Homer Henderson does.

And here's a downloading bonus: This week, Verve Records released Rhett Miller's so-so solo album The Believer; apparently he was on Leno last night, which I might have watched were Leno not on the show. At the same time, Peter Schmidt's in the studio with His Gentleman Scholars, recording that band's debut. Will Johnson's band, Centro-matic, is releasing its new disc, Fort Recovery; the band plays Dan's Silverleaf in Denton tomorrow night, in fact. And Clark Vogeler's getting ready to be a Toadie once more for an Observer shindig March 11 on Greenville Ave. All that got me to thinking about the time in 1995 when Miller's band (The Old 97's) and Peter and Will and Clark's old band (Funland) split a single together on Idol Records, with the 97's taking the twangy torch to Funland's "Garage Sale" and Funland kicking the living ess outta the 97's' "Stoned." Here's the former, if only to remind us of a time when Rhett sang really good songs. Even if, in this instance, three other guys wrote it. --Robert Wilonsky

MP3s for the having:

Nick & Homer--The Sweet Thighs of Mother Mary The Old 97's--Garage Sale (Funland cover)

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.