Take a Sip of the Early Election Results

I'm about to head over to the Palomar for the Republicans' cash-bar shindig, while Sam's pulling pay-as-you-go drinking duty at the AAC with the Dallas County Dems, and Ex-Intern Elliot's eating free pizza with Stephen Broden in Uptown. But before the short pour on this long night (at least, for some), let's look at the early (and, so far, unofficial) tally provided by Dallas County Elections HQ. Might as well begin with the most historic item on the ballot -- the one that gets Dallas wet all over, at least when it comes to off-premise beer and wine sales citywide. To judge by the early vote, Dallas is all wet tonight, with 65 percent in favor of Prop. 1, and 71 percent favoring Prop. 2's elimination of the private-club rules for alcohol at restaurants.

Jump for more of the early take.

As in 2008, the Democrats have the straight-ticket advantage, albeit by a much slimmer margin this time: 52 percent to the Republicans' 48; in the governor's race Bill White's enjoying a more comfortable early lead, with 54 percent of the early vote to Rick Perry's 44.

Closer to home, we've got two early races just squeaking by -- D.A. Craig Watkins is trailing his Republican challenger Danny Clancy by around one percent, and 154 votes have Wade Emmert leading Clay Jenkins in the race for County Judge.

Eddie Bernice Johnson's handily beating Tea Party favorite Stephen Broden, with 76 percent to his 21; Pete Sessions is running with a comfortable lead too.

Republican State Rep. Linda Harper-Brown's beating Loretta Haldenwang 54 to 43 percent and as Democrat Allen Vaught's kicks off his election night party at the Lakewood Country Club, he's doing it down 13 points to his challenger Kenneth Sheets. As for me, I'm slogging my way into the Palomar's friendly confines for the rest of the evening, where we'll watch the rest of it pan out over the next few hours.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.