Take an Aerial Trip Down the New LBJ

If you're looking to be entertained on your virtual 4-minute trip down the new LBJ Express, check out

Frontburner's commentary

on a video clip released in January. But if you want a full, bird's eye view of your future commute, take a glance at the clip above. As you can see by the unimpeded progression of the cars below, LBJ's traffic problems have been solved.

When they released the video, the folks with the project included a somewhat complicated description of what you see:

You will notice the TEXpress (priced-lanes) to the outside along I-35 and on the inside along I-635. In many areas, these will be subterranean along I-635. All said and done, there will be 2-3 frontage road lanes in each direction, 4 non-tolled lanes in each direction and 3 priced lanes (TEXpress Lanes) in each directions (sic) along I-635.

Got it? No? At least you'll have the next two-and-a-half years to figure it out. The $2.7-billion project is scheduled to be complete in December 2015.

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