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Take That, Mayor Miller. That's Terri Hodge Talking, By the Way. Not Us.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram's reporting that Rep. Terri Hodge, D-Dallas, was just on the floor of the state House bad-mouthing Mayor Laura Miller for failing to bring the Dallas Cowboys' new stadium -- and, of course, Super Bowl XLV -- to her hometown. “Did you know the original place the stadium would be built was downtown Dallas?” Hodge asked Rep. Paula Pierson, D-Arlington, according to the paper. "Do you know that at the time that we had a mayor whose vision was so shortsighted...that we, the city of Dallas, lost this game?”

And, sure, I guess that's kinda true, but as we've noted before, it wasn't entirely Miller's fault the Cowboys scrammed to Arlington; you can also thank the Dallas County Commissioners, who refused to negotiate with Jerry Jones years ago concerning the Fair Park-Cotton Bowl site Jones claimed he wanted initially. But, Christ, could the lemme-outta-here mayor have been a little more enthusiastic in her muttered way-ta-go statement, issued by her office moments ago:

I'm extremely pleased for North Texas that we have been chosen to host the Super Bowl. It will bring enormous economic benefits to our region -- not to mention be a point of pride and a whole lot of fun.

Of course, to quote our own Patrick Williams, this means we'll get to see at least one post-season Cowboys game in the new stadium in the next few years. And we'll still get to do so from the comfy confines of our own couches. --Robert Wilonsky

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