Ted Cruz Wants to Slow Down Your Netflix

Everything, as we all know, is about Obamacare. Your delivery pizza costs 14 cents more because of Obamacare. Your uncle's Facebook wall is a disaster because of Obamacare. That traffic accident that slowed down your morning commute? Obamacare.

Ted Cruz wants you to know that net neutrality is just as bad.

Net neutrality, of course, is the principle that all web traffic should be treated the same by service providers. High bandwidth activities -- like watching Netflix -- can't be throttled in a neutral environment. If you view internet service as a utility, it makes sense. The electricity you use to power high-drain devices doesn't cost more than electricity used for another purpose. (Of course, ISPs could move to a metered model. That's another issue, though).

Two things are clear from Senator Cruz's tweet: 1. He has no idea what net neutrality is. 2. He has no idea how the Affordable Care Act works. Or he could just be being disingenuous, which is always the more likely scenario.

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