Teenage Relative Drowned Infant at Southern Dallas Apartment Complex, Dallas Cops Say

A 3-month-old is dead and a teenage relative is in jail after a Monday morning drowning at an apartment complex near Charlton Methodist Hospital.

Dallas police say they received a "person in danger" 911 call just after 6 a.m. When they arrived, they were told by members of Dallas Fire and Rescue that the 3-month-old was dead inside an apartment.

Initial reports said that the suspect in the drowning was the victim's sister, but police will only confirm that the 14-year-old is a relative. The other teenager inside that apartment at the time of the drowning was also related to the suspect and the victim, and police consider her a witness, not a suspect.

"It's tough, I mean, it breaks my heart any time, you know, you respond to a call and someone so innocent." DPD spokesman Sergeant Warren Mitchell said.

Update: 5:26 p.m.:Police clarified late Monday afternoon that the suspect and infant victim were, contrary to what was initially reported, not related. According to FOX 4, the infant's mother is in jail and had requested that CPS place her daughter with the woman who lived at the apartment.

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