Tentative Deal Reached in Firefighter Chorizo Sex Assault Case

No one will be going to jail for the alleged March 2015 sexual assault of a trainee volunteer firefighter with a link of chorizo if a deal tentatively agreed to Friday by the victim and the Ellis County District Attorney's Office is completed.

On March 31, 2015, the trainee firefighter told Ellis County sheriff's officers that Keith Wisakowsky, 27; Casey Stafford, 30; Alec Miller, 28; Blake Tucker, 19; and Preston Peyrot, 19, first attempted to sodomize him with a broom handle before settling on using a link of chorizo that was sitting in the fridge at the fire station. He was going through training to join their volunteer fire regiment.

According to a report from the Texas Rangers, brought in to investigate the complaint, Tucker and Stafford held the trainee down while Wisakowsky inserted the still-wrapped sausage into the trainee. Wisakowsky then cut the sausage out of the package, but it broke up when he tried to assault the trainee with it again.

The firefighters then let the trainee go, and he crawled to the bathroom, vomited and showered. While the trainee was cleaning up, someone took his clothes from the restroom. When the trainee came out of the restroom wearing a towel, Tucker took it, the trainee said, and he was forced to scramble to his truck naked to get some shorts.

In September 2015, eight people — the five firefighters, the chief and assistant chief of their Ellis County Emergency Service District 6 Volunteer Fire Department and Keith Wisakowsky's girlfriend, Brittany Parten, accused of capturing the attack on video — were indicted. The firefighters and Parten were charged with aggravated sexual assaulted. The chief, Gavin Satterfield, and assistant chief, Billy Getzendaner, were charged with witness tampering for allegedly trying to talk the trainee out of pressing charges.

Now, Wisakowsky is slated to be the person punished. According to the Ellis County District Attorney's Office, Wisakowsky has agreed to plead guilty to a Class A misdemeanor assault charge and serve two years probation. As part of the deal, the charges against the other firefighters and Parten will be dropped once a judge signs off on Wisakowsky's plea.

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