Terri Hodge Asks Voters in House District 100 to Stop Listening to Diane Ragsdale

Maybe you heard: Former Dallas city council member Diane Ragsdale still wants voters in Texas House District 100 to cast their ballots for Terri Hodge -- guilty plea be damned. Said Ragsdale last week, nothing against Eric Johnson, "it's about enhancing participation and preventing a situation where we have representation by default." Uh-hunh.

Anyway. This afternoon, Hodge -- via her Fort Worth attorney, via his Dallas PR firm and Unfair Park's downstairs neighbor -- sent word that, um, she'd really appreciate it if folks didn't vote for her. Her statement, in full:

"On February 3, 2010, I announced that, as a result of my plea of guilty to a criminal tax violation, I will not be able to continue to serve in the Texas House of Representatives and that I will not seek reelection.

I also terminated all campaign activities at that time. It has come to my attention that efforts are underway to encourage voters of District 100 to support my re-election. Because I cannot serve if elected and have terminated my campaign activities, I do not endorse or support any such efforts, and I urge that these activities cease immediately."

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Robert Wilonsky
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