All this? Because of one game a year in our zip code? Seems a tad much.

Tex-cess. Welcome to The Austin Morning News.

Okay, we get it. Dallas’ Only Daily is hitching its downsized wagon to the Texas Longhorns.


I often accuse Dallas of being not a sports town, but a winners town. I have to say the same about our media. Myself included. When in doubt, I admit, I'll usually find a topic more riveting than the Texas Rangers because, well, they suck.

But what the Morning News does when it comes to UT is almost criminal. It’s bandwagon journalism at its worst.

Today’s Page 4 of SportsDay is exclusively devoted to Will Muschamp being named Mack Brown’s someday successor. Two columns and two sidebars. Really? Are its readers that intoxicated with the Longhorns? Is UT our team?

Last time I checked our skyline's dominant color was argon green, not burnt orange.

I know we have tons of alumni in our midst. But I’ve never really understood how we hijack the Big 12 Conference as our own. It's embarrassing. Baylor is our closest school, no? But farther than SMU, North Texas and TCU, all Division I teams in our backyard.

But because Texas is better it gets better coverage?

You tell me. Are you okay with an entire page of your Dallas paper being dominated by news about the college football team in Austin? – Richie Whitt

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