Texas Affirms That It Still Kicks Ass When It Comes to Bringing Firearms Into Airports

One of the best lists each year, put out by the Transportation Security Administration blog, informs us of just how many guns were confiscated at America's airports. In 2015, as it has every time the list has been published, Texas did itself proud, filling out a full 50 percent of the TSA top 10. Airports from Austin, Houston and Dallas all made the cut, including Love Field, which made its bow on the list by seeing 57 people get turned around pulling a Barry Switzer.

Austin's Bergstrom and Houston's Hobby came in ninth (54 guns) and 10th (52 guns) respectively, but neither of those airports, nor Houston's George Bush (100 guns) could compete with the reigning king of airports with firearms — D/FW International Airport.

D/FW flyers tried to sneak a remarkable 153 guns onto planes in 2015, a full 5.7 percent of the 2,653 total guns snatched out of carry-on bags across the country. That's a big improvement since 2014. In 2014, 120 guns were found in D/FW carry-ons, beating out 2013 airport gun champ Atlanta Hartsfield's 109 guns by 11. Hartsfield, despite improving to 144 guns found by TSA this year, still got lapped by D/FW.

Since September 1, getting caught with a concealed handgun at one of Texas' airports is no longer a felony. Thanks to 2015's Texas House Bill 554, if you leave your gun in your bag and someone finds it, you can return it to your car, assuming you've got enough time. If you need to have a gun on a plane, you could just leave and try again the next day, thanks to the TSA's astronomically high failure rate.
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Stephen Young has written about Dallas news for the Observer since 2014. He's a Dallas native and a graduate of the University of North Texas.
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