Texas AG Tells Cali Women to Take Their Fuel Magnets and Blow 'Em Out Their Gas Tank

Three years ago, we ran a piece in the paper version of Unfair Park about a scam called BioPerformance Fuel -- otherwise known as mothballs you were supposed to drop into your gas tank to rev up mileage per gallon. The Texas Attorney General didn't take kindly to that. Which didn't stop two California women -- Wendy Diaz and Hilda Mejia -- from buying up air time on Dallas and Houston Spanish-language television to sell their own so-called "cheap gas" product called the MPG Device, which runs $169 and is some kind of magnet you're supposed to clip to the fuel line to, again, increase the longevity of a tank of gas.

Yesterday, Attorney General Greg Abbott's office filed suit in Dallas County Court against the Cali twosome for selling their "fictitious" junk in Texas without permission. You can read the entirety of the complaint here.


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