From Sunday's Meet the Press, the battlegrounds?

Texas Ain't No Toss-Up, Says NBC Producer Following Mix-Up

This morning, CNN's Roland Martin takes a look at Dallas County and, sorta-kinda Harris County, and comes up with this conclusion: "Democrats may soon make Texas a competitive two-party state." Martin's analysis, I think it's called, comes a mere three days after the Meet the Press during which Tom Brokaw served up a "presidential battleground states" map that featured Texas among the toss-ups -- say wha?

Problem is, that toss-up thing was a total foul-up: "It was a graphics production error," Meet the Press executive producer Betsy Fischer tells Unfair Park this morning. "We don't consider Texas a toss-up state." Nonetheless, she's so terribly delighted folks are paying so much attention to the program's graphics -- like, say, Stephen Colbert on Monday night, who finds a few more graphics production errors after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky

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