Texas Democrats Will Clean Up. Or Get Their Asses Handed to Them.

Jon Stewart put it quite perfectly Wednesday night, when he was speaking of political pundits whose anonymous mugs have filled every last inch of TV-screen real estate in these weeks leading up to some kind of election we're having. (Dunno, haven't really been following it.) Said The Daily Show-off: "Who the [email protected]#k Is That Guy?" Which is a question that arises, yet again, in this latest Associated Press story about how Texas Democrats are poised win several House seats on November 4. Unless, of course, they lose several House seats on November 4.

Because on the one hand, you have Democratic strategist Harold Cook, who says this: "The only question here is how bad Republicans are going to hurt. George Bush has fouled the entire nest and the voters are really starting to notice -- even in Texas." But then there's Republican strategist Eric Bearse, who says this: "Republicans should pick up two to four seats in part because Obama is not performing very well in Texas and also in part because Democrats in the last election got all the low-hanging fruit and even a little bit more." Hey, how do you feel about all this, SMU's Cal Jillson? "It's pretty inconceivable that Texas isn't going to participate at some level in a movement toward the Democratic Party." Well, [email protected]#k me. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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