Texas Stadium's a "Mess." No, Really?

Tony Walter, a columnist for the Green Bay Press-Gazette, discovered during last Thursday's Cowboys-Packers game that Texas Stadium is a dump -- gee, ya think, Tony? Turns out, he had to wait in a long line -- "of at least 2,000 people (no exaggeration)" -- to get a cab after the game, which is what Packers fans get for taking a cab to a Cowboys game. Because Cowboys fans don't take cabs to Cowboys game.

Also: "Its concourse makes the bowels of old Milwaukee County Stadium look like the lounge of a five-star hotel." And: "The underbelly on the stadium is a combination of half the people trying to get more beer, and the other half anxious to get rid of it so they can go get some more." Oh, and: "They talk a lot in Dallas about the Cowboys being America's Team. If that's true, the country's in worse shape than we thought." Course, it's supposed to be 11 degrees in Green Bay tonight. So Walter's got that going for him, which is nice. --Robert Wilonsky

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