Texas's New Sonogram Law Is Going Into Effect Immediately. As In: Right Now.

Just four days after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Rick Perry's favorite law -- the one requiring women to get a sonogram, listen to a fetal heartbeat and hear a verbal description from a doctor of the sonogram image before they can get an abortion -- is street legal, the court issued a one-page order today allowing the law to go into effect, like, right now. When we spoke to Planned Parenthood representatives earlier this week, they were under the impression they would have at least two weeks to come into compliance with the law, but it appears that's not the case this time.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's office requested the ruling only yesterday; it was handed down moments ago. Nevertheless, a hearing for a permanent injunction on the law is scheduled for next Friday. The full (terse) doc is below, for your leisurely perusal.

1-13-12 Order Issuing Mandate

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Anna Merlan
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