That, Sir, Is Thinking Big

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen has a super -- and superdelegate -- idea that includes Dallas.

Awful nice of the Tennessee gov to throw some bidness Dallas' way. But over on Politico.com today, there's an interview with Phil Bredesen, who's yet to cast his lot with either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Bredesen's worried that neither Dem stands much chance of winning the White House in November if they keep up their game of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots all the way to the Denver Democratic National Convention, which begins August 25. Which is why he's been in D.C. pitching his idea for a “superdelegate primary” to be held in June. Reports Politico's Jonathan Martin and Mike Allen:

Rather than allow the horse-trading and bloodletting go on all summer, he’d get it over with during a two-day business meeting in a neutral, easily reached city like Dallas.

“Invite the candidates to come and talk if they want, and then literally call the roll,” he explained. “We should not go through the summer and have a divided and exhausted Democratic Party. The inescapable conclusion is: OK, you’ve got to find some way to bookend and bring it to closure earlier. How do you do that? Do it in June rather than August."

Seriously, Phillip Jones, make it so. Sure, it's not technically your job, but, still, we would like to live large. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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