That's What Friends Is For

From The Washington Post this morning comes this story, which tries to explain why Hillary Clinton is "the Grace Adler to [the gay community's] Will Truman." And it does so from the great Gun Barrel City, a short drive to the south of Dallas, where you'll find one of the 50 Greatest Gay Bars in the world, Friends. The place is described thusly by The Post:

Far from the primped-up, tight-jean-wearing, I'm-eternally-single-and-loving-it vibe of Oak Lawn, the gay neighborhood in Dallas, Friends is a more laid-back, welcoming place full of older, middle-class and mostly coupled-up patrons. Kind of like "Cheers," where everyone knows your name, except they're wearing T-shirts that read "I love Cowboys" and baseball caps from Budweiser with a small rainbow flag. Jokes Bobbie Aldridge, 67, a retired teacher: "This is like a community center. Or a retirement home."

I've also just bought my tickets to the Friends Players' forthcoming production of Grease: The Later Years. --Robert Wilonsky

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