The 800-Pound Gorilla

Mazel tov to our pal Chris Cantalini: The blogmaster of Gorilla vs. Bear, one of the few must-visit MP3 blogs going and certainly among the few to pimp local acts, is getting himself a radio gig. He's joining Howard Stern, Mark Cuban and Richard Simmons as part of the Sirius family with a show called "Blog Radio," which debuts a week from today on the indie-alt-etc.-themed channel Left of Center (or channel 26 on yer satellite dial). According to satellite radio network, the show will air each weeknight at 9 p.m. locally and be hosted by a rotating schedule of bloggers who will "showcase his or her favorite music and provide views and insights into the indie rock music scene." Also joining Cantalini will be the fine folks from Brooklyn Vegan and Product Shop NYC. Should be swell--but no matter how great it is, nothing will ever compare to Bob Dylan's new XM Satellite Radio weekly show, which is the best thing ever. --Robert Wilonsky

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