The American Way: Pissed. Off.

American Airlines' decision to charge $15 per checked bag gets a rave review this morning from Claes G. Fornell, a professor of business administration at the University of Michigan: “Seems really, dare I say it, stupid.” Also noted in there: American does not plan to offer refunds if suitcases do not arrive with the plane. Flight attendants -- who, earlier this month, demanded the resignation of the entire AMR board, including big-bonus bossman Gerard Arpey -- look forward to closing overhead bins.

And, in case you missed it, American pilots yesterday issued their own statement concerning the state of the Fort Worth-based carrier, which'll be just a wee bit smaller come fall as it trims 11 to 12 percent of its domestic capacity. Notes captain Lloyd Hill in the Allied Pilots Association's media release: “American Airlines management is failing its customers, its shareholders and its employees. This dismal performance is not sustainable.” Don't mince words, captain, how do you really feel? --Robert Wilonsky

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