The Bitterest Bill is Hard to Swallow

Bill Parcells wants to go back to New York, says sources. Fine. Let him.

OK. Fine. Richie's right. Bill Parcells is an asshole.

I've defended the guy a little here; got nothing better to do, apparently. Actually, I felt sorry for him more than anything; that NYTimes Mag piece sure did work its black magic. But after the team's late-season collapse and especially now, after news that Parcells has been secretly trolling for a gig with his old home team, the New York Giants, well, Big Bill's precisely what KTCK-AM's Mike Rhyner has been calling him all these years: The New Jersey Con Man. Richie's word fits too. Like a belly shirt.

According to reports that first surfaced on -- the official site of the National Football League, so... -- New England Patriots vice president of player personnel Scott Pioli declined the invitation to interview for the Giants' GM general manager. That was yesterday. And ya know why Pioli refused to interview for the job? Because his daddy-in-law's Bill Parcells, and a "high-ranking NFL source" told that Big Bill had already expressed interest in the gig. So Pioli wisely backed off. Don't wanna upset Papa Bill.

Of course, it's a looooooongshot he gets the gig. Says here that "a source told the New York Daily News that Parcells' name had been discussed by the Giants' owners, but said his return is not likely to happen." Nonetheless, he's out there talking to other teams about a different job. While his Cowboys are stumbling their way into the playoffs and fumbling their way out of 'em. Awesome. Asshole. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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