The Chosen People

This sounds like just the thing to kick off your Sunday morning: having a nosh with Bill Blaydes, Gary Griffith, Darrell Jordan and Mitchell Rasansky. But all those announced and likely mayoral candidates will in fact be at Temple Emanu-El this very Sunday at 9 a.m. participating in a...what, round-table discussion? Debate? Bar mitzvah? Oh, says in the e-mail I got this morning it's a panel called "The Future of Dallas--2007 Mayoral Race," which, lookie here, will also include our old pal Zac Crain--or Zachary, as he's billed in the missive, which refers to the former Observer writer as "investigative journalist; invested citizen." Throw in "roguish ladies' man," and you got yourself a can't-miss movie pitch.

If you wanna go--and we wouldn't miss this for anything in the world, except sleep--e-mail moderator Richard Wasserman and ask him if there's room. Far as we know, you need not be a member of the temple or its brotherhood to attend. See ya there. Me, I don't miss a free bagel. --Robert Wilonsky


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