The City Blames DART For That Woodall Rodgers Billboard. DART Says, "Pardon?"

'Bout an hour ago I heard from City Hall about the black hole no wait 2001 monolith whoops Phantom Zone gateway pardon I mean Spinal Tap album cover dang itbillboard hovering but a few feet from the Woodall Rodgers ramp spilling into northbound Stemmons. Per Frank Librio, who says this is to the best of his knowledge at this late hour on a Sunday, this is a Dallas Area Rapid Transit deal. As in: It was originally located "in a DART right-of-way for the Red Line," construction on which forced it to be moved elsewhere.

Says Librio, this new location is on DART property (which would be right about ... here?). DART spokesman Mark Ball says the first he heard about it was this evening, when Librio sent fellow DART media rep Morgan Lyons the same heads-up we got. Ball tells Unfair Park this evening, "We'll look into the first thing Monday morning" and get back to us. But either way, someone had to approve it -- either the city or the state, since Woodall Rodgers is, in fact, Texas Department of Transportation's State Highway Spur 366.

And, of course, as you can see the black blank's been filled in since Friday. Looks a little ... redundant.

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