The Cockiest Cowboy

If you watched him shank two field goals in last week's preseason tie, you couldn't believe your eyes. And if you go to his Web site, you won't believe your ears. Even before he scores his first point in Dallas, kicker Mike Vanderjagt is already the cockiest player in franchise history. For the long version you can read my column in this week's dead tree version of the Dallas Observer. Or if you just can't wait for your quota of ego nausea hop onto to www.mikevanderjagt.net where Vanderjagt extols his statistical greatness, prepares his Hall of Fame speech and lays the groundwork for what just has to be Will Ferrell's next comedic character. Writes Vanderjagt on the site, "I' m the best there ever was, I can't help it." Vomit. Proving he's the most confident Cowboy but not exactly the most clever, during a video tour of the Cowboys' locker room Vanderjagt ticks off the list of hallowed stars including "Roger Starbuck." Blasphemy I say! Vanderjagt has a real chance to become Dallas' first Pro Bowl kicker since Rafael Septien 25 years ago. But to be embraced by teammates and fans, he needs to throttle down the ego. --Richie Whitt

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