Patrick Michels
To Swerve and Protect

The Dallas PD's New T3: Not As Intimidating As It Sounds

Sarah Palin's visit last Friday drew nearly about as many fans as protesters to the Fairmont downtown, and it was a charged atmosphere. Slogans were hurled across the barricades and signs were thrust high into the air -- but thankfully, with the Dallas Police Department and its sweet new tricycle, violence was averted.

That's right, the peace-keeping arsenal deployed to the Fairmont last week included Dallas' latest weapon of justice, the T3.

Now, it may not exactly be a RoboCop solution, or even a Johnny Number Five, but when this baby tops out at 25 mph, you'd better watch out. Seriously, get out of the way. The officer we spoke to at the Palin demonstration said he has a hell of a time controlling the thing at high speeds -- the city just bought two T3's, he said, but someone already wrecked the other one.

Which is no problem, because with the awesome power of the T3, riding high on three wheels of fury, you don't need a wingman. This may well be the crime solution Dallas has been waiting for -- and all with zero emissions, too, according to the manufacturer.

If you haven't seen them out on the streets, you will soon (just as soon as the other one's up and running again) -- and to tide you over until then, here's a look at these babies in action. Incidentally, a model number like this is just crying out for a nickname -- the "T3 Destroyer," maybe, or the "Screw You, Segway." It's only a matter of time. --Patrick Michels

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