People Issue

The Dallas People Issue: An Introduction

Skip the throat-clearing and jump right to the People Issue.

If you hang around in the Observer's orbit in the coming days, or if you happen to glance at the newsstand in your favorite bar, you'll notice we're offering something a little different this week: our first-annual People Issue.

Given the modern media's lust for labels, you'll be forgiven for seeking out some sort of theme in the profiles, a thread stringing page to page. But what kind of people? you might ask, if you were especially inquisitive and bored. Are they 30 under 30? Forty over 40? The hottest singles? The most powerful power brokers? Maybe they're all dentists. Are they all dentists?

They are not. At least that we know of.

There is, in fact, nothing connecting the 30 people included but their contributions to making Dallas a more interesting place to exist. A straight up People Issue: That's what we set out to create, and it's what local photographer Mark Graham -- with help from our art director, Tracie Louck, and a diverse cast of willing subjects -- delivered. We hope you enjoy it and keep it and share it, with only one minor caveat:

Do not let these people clean your teeth. I double checked, and none of them are dentists. I swear.

Watch newstands for three different covers, or see the full array of characters right here.

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Joe Tone
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