The Day Before Election, Kunkle Makes a Last-Minute Appeal to a Very Specific Audience

Much has been made about how former Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle has raised and spent pennies on the dollar compared to Multi-Millions Mike Rawlings, and most recent docs filed with the City Secretary's Office show that in the days leading up tomorrow's run-off election, Kunkle has spent just $53,891.77, a pittance compared to the $715,977.56 doled out by the Rawlings campaign. Meanwhile a whopping 19,573 voted during the two weeks leading up to tomorrow's final face-off, almost 8,000 fewer than early risers for the Leppert-Oakley throwdown of '07. Dallas County elections officials acknowledge: The numbers are dismal. But if nothing else tomorrow night's election blogging shouldn't keep us up late.

Which brings us to this: My 2011 Dallas Mayoral Election Scrapbook (thanks, Michael's!) is thick with Rawlings mailers; they seem to arrive every other day, the latest bearing a brown briefcase and yet another reference to how Dallas needs a mayor who can "bring business & growth to Dallas" (so what's in the briefcase? Oh, calm down). The Kunkle mailers have been very few and awfully far between, but two showed up this week, including the one that follows titled "No more business as usual," lest you think he and Rawlings are somehow the same man.

Rawlings too has spent small fortunes on slick Web and TV spots, most produced by his friends at Jake:Ferguson. Kunkle's run zero -- that is, till this morning. It's a radio spot airing on a single station: KTCK-1310 AM, The Ticket. Which means, of course, it's built around one particular moment that occurred on the station long ago, when Kunkle was the commissioner and Greg Williams was a Hardliner. It's below.

David Kunkle's Ticket Spot

David Kunkle's Ticket Spot

Kunkle Mailer

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