The Downtown Omni, Quite the Lite-Brite

As evidenced by the photo above, Friend of Unfair Park Noah Jeppson espied quite the light show last night coming from Our Convention Center Hotel downtown. Wrote Noah in his midnight-thirty email, "I saw that Omni Dallas Convention Center Hotel was testing their LED lights on the back side of the building tonight. If the entire building is lit up like that, it's going to be quite the production!"

He offers further proof, via a video clip posted on the other side. Also there: a related time-lapse from the hotel's construction, posted a few months by the company that installed the windows but new to me.

Update: An anonymous Friend of Unfair Park writes in: "In regards to the exterior lights on the Omni Convention Center Hotel, no, they will not be rainbow colors all the time. They are LED lights which can be changed to any color. The idea being that they will be changed according to what event(s) might be taking place at the time. For example: they might be all pink during the Mary Kay convention, or maybe burnt orange for Texas/OU weekend, etc. The lights you show in the photo will cover the entire exterior face of the tower portion of the building."

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