The Game Changer? In Four Minutes, the Past, Present and Future of Wonderview.

Steve Thompson's been kind enough throughout the afternoon to offer Dallas City New Network video highlights from today's council meeting -- specifically, the part dealing with Mark Cuban's proposed Wonderview development in Oak Cliff. Here's what Mayor Tom Leppert had to say; Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway also has high praise and high hopes for the 187-acre development.

But I did want to borrow the bit starring Joe Cavagnaro, the former Stream Realty partner who's acting as agent for Wonderview. (Update: Thompson has yanked the embedding feature for this video, which doesn't seem terribly neighborly. So now you'll have to go here to see the video.) In his four-minute presentation, Cavagnaro outlines a brief history of the proposed project -- he says land acquisition began four years ago -- and says "a key element -- a cornerstone, if you will -- will be working with the Heroes Foundation in developing a multitude" of athletic fields "with the idea of creating a community where one can ... work, play, live, shop, do business and raise a family all in one."

And that's just for starters.

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