Courtesy Todd Overman/Dallas Independent School District
Jade Esquivel, a North Dallas High School teacher and 7-year DISD vet, with Laura Bush following her announcement this morning

The George W. Bush Institute's First Initiative: "The Alliance to Reform Education Leadership"

By now, perhaps, you've heard: Laura Bush was at North Dallas High School this morning to debut the George W. Bush Institute's first significant initiative, aimed at changing "the way America's public school principals are identified, recruited, selected, prepared, evaluated, and empowered,"

per the just-launched website

. The Alliance to Reform Education Leadership will be funded, in part, by a million-dollar donation from AT&T -- and,

in the words of James Glassman

, executive director of the institute, "Could the real key to fixing America's schools be principals, not teachers?"

Rena Honea, president of the Alliance-AFT teachers association in Dallas, doesn't think so; the institute disagrees. Hence the program's initial goal of reteaching some 200 principals in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Denver, St. Louis and Indianapolis with a much bigger goal in sight: "By 2020, it hopes to have certified or otherwise influenced the preparation of 50,000 K-12 principals, or half the nation's principal ranks."

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