The Good Sport

Nice story about Mike Bacsik in Dallas' Only Daily today. But there's an even better one about him in The New York Times, where Lee Jenkins paints the pitcher as "baseball’s unofficial ambassador" to the record-setting home run Bacsik served up to Barry Bonds Tuesday night. See, Bacsik was everywhere yesterday, including on KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket), where he interned a couple of years back for Bob Sturm and Dan McDowell. And Jenkins portrays the 29-year-old Dallas-born Washington Nationals lefty as the "one offering perspective in light of controversy." Maybe it's because Bacsik's prone to saying things like, "You either have to be a special player to be remembered in this game, or you have to be part of a special moment." Then again, Jenkins points out:

Bacsik is not your typical major leaguer. He wears old-fashioned stirrups. He studies baseball lore. He is such a sports fan that he spends his off-season working for a Dallas radio station so he can score good seats to Mavericks’ home games.

Bacsik had a queasy feeling when he arrived in the Bay Area this week, mainly because the Mavericks were eliminated here by the Golden State Warriors in the first round of the N.B.A. playoffs. “I hate San Francisco for that,” Bacsik said.

But not for Barry Bonds, go figure. --Robert Wilonsky

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