The Good, the Bad and the Really, Really Ugly

The Dallas Stars may win the NHL's Stanley Cup this spring. Regardless, it's already been a positive season, mainly because after tonight's clash against the San Jose Sharks at the American Airlines Center, the Stars' ridiculously hideous alternate third sweater will be loaded on a truck and sent to Goodwill. At one end of the Stars' historical spectrum are Mike Modano and the '99 title; at the other is the red bull with constellation horns.

The Stars actually went 13-6-3 wearing the jersey, and it somehow generated almost $500,000 in revenue from souvenir sales. But, let's face it, it's ugly. If Phyllis Diller and Don Zimmer had a baby, it would come out looking like the Stars' third sweater. The bull--the bull?--was a mess, lost in a kaleidoscope of swooshing stars and, um, other stuff. And then there was the very confusing color scheme involving...red?

Sometimes the Cowboys break out the 1960s simpleton unis and the Mavs every now and then wear those green alternates with the cool rounded retro lettering. But as far as throwbacks go, the Stars are doing the right thing tossing theirs. R.I.P., ugliest uniform in Metroplex sports history. --Richie Whitt

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