We're goosin' Gosselin's weekly NFL rankings, 'cause.

The Goose is Loose!

We all make mistakes. I’ve had my share find their way to print. But if you’re Dallas’ Only Daily, you just cannot afford an oops when it comes to the status of the beloved Cowboys. As I’m sure you’ve been made aware -- thanks, countless e-mailers -- Dallas Morning News NFL beat writer Rick Gosselin’s rankings today have the Green Bay Packers ranked No. 2, ahead of the No. 3 Cowboys. In light of Cowboys 37, Packers 27 last Thursday, it’s nonsense. It’s also, of course, more typo than twisted thinking. Right? (Though, now that you mention it, haven’t the Cowboys been clearly superior to the Pack for weeks?)

Though the error appeared in your paper, the online rankings were corrected at around 8:45 this morning. Which brings up this point. Come on, Cowboys fans, you’re 11-1. At this point do you really need validation from us dorky sportswriters? Especially one who apparently writes his “From the 50” column “from the end zone,” who is 3-10 on his upset special picks and who is so disinterested in his weekly NFL selections he simply takes the home team every game, including tonight with the Ravens over the Patriots? Course not. --Richie Whitt


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