Dallas Mavericks

The Greatest Comeback in Dallas Mavericks' Playoff History

Tied in the final minute of overtime after erasing a 15-point deficit in the final 5 minutes of regulation.

Jason Kidd's defense on Kevin Durant, leading to a Shawn Marion steal.

The Mavericks' veteran patience, systematically setting up of a Dirk Nowitzki elbow isolation they've run a zillion times.

Dirk's aggressiveness to spin and drive, punctuated by his willingness to defer on a 40-point night.

Kidd's savvy, pump-faking Russell Westbrook into oblivion before setting his feet behind the line for an orgasmic 3-pointer.

Kidd's defense again -- this time on Westbrook -- forcing a wild shot that Tyson Chandler helped steer clear of the basket.

Historical, happy stuff.

Good enough to watch again and again and again ...

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Richie Whitt
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