The Hammer Nailed It

You know who called that Florida blowout last night? The Ticket's own Greg Williams, at right. Genius.

I didn't see it coming. Neither did you. But Greg Williams did and said so on Monday afternoon's episode of "The Hardline" on KTCK-AM (1310, The Ticket). Shr'nuff, while local media Ohio State alums such as Steve Dennis and Jean-Jacques Taylor were licking their chops in anticipation of a Buckeyes blowout in college football's BCS National Championship Game, Williams publicly picked Florida.

We all know what happened: Florida 41, The University That Got Its Ass Kicked 14.

"I just thought they were better," Hammer told Unfair Park this morning while we waited for Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' weekly radio show, which never materialized. (Hmmmm.) "They blew through the SEC, while Ohio State only won one big game all year. Plus, Ohio State was coming off a 51-day layoff."

The Gators are now the only school in Division I history to have the reigning football and basketball champs. And they may well be the most unlikely champ in pigskin history. They employ two quarterbacks, have a kicker that went four of 13 in the regular season, boast the worst running game for any team playing in a title game and were the nation's second-most penalized team. See, Bill Parcells, you don't have to wear leather helmets, control the clock and be traditional, disciplined or conventional to win championships. You just have to be good.

Florida's offense, masterminded by Urban Meyer (and let's hope Jerry has him on speed dial), kept OSU off-balance with a brilliant mix of short passes and misdirection and general fakery. Come to think of it, it was very similar to what Boise State did to Oklahoma. Come to think of it a little more, it was very similar to what Todd Dodge and Southlake Carroll High School have done to everyone in Texas during the past five years.

While we'd love to watch champ Florida and lone unbeaten Boise State match mirrors in a real title game (Boise did at least get one vote in the final poll, what we'd love even more if for the asshole to get outta town so the Cowboys could hire one of these 21st-century geniuses.

And, in our last college football news of the season, the Cotton Bowl's TV rating slipped, from 13.4 last year way down to 10.0. Toldja. --Richie Whitt

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Robert Wilonsky
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