The Historical Figures To Be Turned Into Giant Puppets For Calatrava Bridge Bow

I seem to recall there was some discussion in October about West Dallasites famous enough to include in that parade of giant puppets scheduled to march across the Margaret Hunt Hill during opening-weekend festivities planned for early March -- ah, yes, there it is. So happens the West Dallas Chamber of Commerce, which is throwing the Bridge-O-Rama rama, has in fact posted the list of folks due to be rendered as "oversized, hand-carried figures ... giant creatures," and who will do the carrying 'cross the Calatrava.

The way I found it: La Reunion TX and the West Dallas Chamber of Commerce are in the hunt for artists who can help out with the hand-craftin', and there's a how-to workshop scheduled for January 12. Schutze has already signed up. He was heading to Ray's anyhow.

Anyway. Here's where you'll find the who and why come. But long story short, they aren't exactly celebrity celebrities -- except, of course, for Bonnie and Clyde, everyone's first and last guess back in October. Nope, this is a more historical journey from past to present to future; hence the inclusion of former Dallas City Council member Mattie Nash, federal judges Jerry Buchmeyer and Harold "Barefoot" Sanders, Victor Considérant (founder of the La Réunion colony), Julien Reverchon, Sarah Cockrell, Rhoda Dragoo and other important far=more-than-footnotes who "made a lasting impression on the culture and narrative of West Dallas."

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