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The Hottest Male Athletes According to Females

Second in a very sporadic, yet nonetheless fascinating series by Dallas Observer staff writers Merritt Martin/Megan Feldman. Ladies, as always, mi casa es su casa ...

You've been waiting haven't you?

We knew you wanted it, but c'mon, we had to make you yearn. It was a tease, all in good fun ... and then Megan had to go out of town (Something about reporting? Something about an actual printed newspaper? I dunno). We didn't really mean to leave you with a case of blue balls blogs.

Anyway. First, we gave you the girls with their grace, style and beauty to boot, and we promised you some brawn as well. So here it is [insert dramatic music], the ladies' list of hot male athletes.

They're strong, they're talented, they're - for the most part - smart, and they're smokin' hot.


Lewis Hamilton (Formula One): The youngest Formula One World Champion. Not yet 25 and he can handle speeds faster than any 30K douche with a leased BMW. We'll forgive him dating a Pussycat Doll after watching him race for McLaren Mercedes.


Roger Federer (tennis): One of the greatest tennis players ever. Ever! You hear us, Nadal? And one of the most attractive. He was even nice to his prize cow. Update: This list was written prior to the latest defeat of Federer by Nadal. After Nadal's amazingly sportsmanlike behavior in consoling Federer, we feel he should be given props and have to admit he's pretty damn attractive as well.

Lance Armstrong (cycling): It's unavoidable - between beating cancer and trouncing the rest of the world in the Tour de France, the man is just an all-around badass.

David Beckham (soccer): He may be a fashion man, but we love him in uniform. He's perfectly dashing with a strong streak of determined grit - and check out that sexy scowl!

Reggie Bush (football): First of all, he's got a killer smile no matter if he once dined with Condoleezza Rice. Second, it's really difficult to find a photo of the Saint without a helmet or Kim Kardashian.

Jose Luis Abajo (fencing): Okay, so fencing doesn't exactly figure in our list of sexiest sports, but this guy is ridiculous. Spanish name. Perfectly messy dark hair and five o'clock shadow. Adorable smile. We might have to start stalking.

Steve Nash (basketball): It's painful that we couldn't find a current Dallas Maverick to put on the list, but at least there's a former one. And even though he occasionally resembles the irritating crooner James Blunt, we'll give it a pass for his attitude, sense of humor, that crazy bloody nose thing from way back and because Blunt was at least cool enough to be on Top Gear.

Curtis Granderson (baseball): That smile, that charm. And his ESPN blog was super cute. (And there's no way in hell A-Rod is anywhere near this list if that's what you were thinking. Ew.)

Charlie Davies (soccer): He may play for the Swedes' Hammarby IF now, but he's scored for the US national team. Davies is nothing if not a passionate player and watching him is totally exciting ... with either dreads or the new haircut.

Bob Burnquist (skateboarding): OK, unrelated to sport, he started the Bob Burquist Foundation to spread education about organic farming/gardening to kids. Hello. Awesome. He also is allegedly the only guy to go over a loop ramp with a gap in it and he did some crazy shit into the Grand Canyon and is still alive. And, um, have you seen him?

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