The "Intense" Rivalry Between Clinton and Obama's Stonewall Supporters

The "Intense" Rivalry Between Clinton and Obama's Stonewall Supporters

The Washington Blade today looks into the rift in the gay community between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama supporters -- and it specifically deals with the how the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas have had to deal with the fact that president Jesse Garcia lists Clinton as a "political hero" while co-founder Gary Fitzsimmons, the Dallas County District Clerk, is an Obama campaign worker. The paper describes the divide as an "intense" rivalry, especially during last week's Texas primary.

But, Fitzsimmons insists in an interview with the paper, "Most people know this is a debate within the Democratic Party and they will unite behind the nominee, whichever one of the two it turns out to be." The Stonewall Democrats of Dallas in February voted to endorse Clinton. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: John Wright of Dallas Voice sends word that he made mention of this rivalry on Wednesday on the paper's new blog, Instant Tea. In the comments, Garcia writes: "No one is pissed off at Gary Fitzsimmons and every Stonewall member is proud of the work he has done for Dallas County." Notes Fitzsimmons further down: "This is why politics can be so much fun."

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