The Joy of Six

He amassed a 30-2 record, hung 467 yards and 41 points on Southern Cal and led the University of Texas to its first national championship in 35 years. But from this day forward, right or wrong, Vince Young will always be associated with the number six. As in "Act your age, not your Wonderlic."

The former Texas stud and future NFL draft pick bombed the Wonderlic standardized intelligence test at last weekend’s scouting combine in Indy, correctly answering only six of 50 questions. Spin-control reports quickly surfaced that the test was incorrectly graded, and that Young re-took the test and scored a 16. I call bullshit. If Young's test was improperly graded, seems it would simply have been re-graded rather than re-taken. Capiche?

Unfortunately, it's just the latest in a fumbled start to Young's NFL career. Since leaving Texas, he has hired inexperienced friends and family to handle his business affairs and public relations, decided not to work out or throw for scouts at the combine and generally acted ridiculously amateur in a very professional world.

And now this. No matter how tall or fast or good Young is, when your Wonderlic is lower than your jersey number, it's a red flag that potential future employers--and smart-ass bloggers--can't afford to ignore. --Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.