The Juice is Loose on AA Flight 614

Too bad we still don't do our Ask An American Airlines Spokesman bit. Could come in handy on a day like today, which we begin, thanks to one good Friend of Unfair Park, with Dallas consultant Dave Koss's lengthy tale of an AA flight attendant's bizarre response to a first-class passenger's request for orange juice that ended with a written warning from the captain.

Koss is a consultant who, last Sunday, was on early-morning Flight 614 from Sacramento to Dallas-Fort Worth International. What he wrote following that flight concerning flight attendant "Helen" wound up on The Consumerist yesterday. From the looks of its Twitter account, American Airlines is "aware" of the incident and "looking into it." You can do the same, beginning with this excerpt:

Helen was already having a very bad day. She acted upset to be working this job, which in this economy she should be grateful for, and was irritated at everyone. All my friends could tell that she was pissed. She was pissed that she was there, that people were blocking aisles while she was serving meals, and that they were getting up to use the restroom. She violently slid my friend's breakfast onto his tray, nearly spilling everything and then headed to the man in front of my wife. He had trouble getting his tray out, and she stood there rolling her eyes at him. When he finally got it out, she dropped the breakfast hard onto the tray. He asked if he could have some orange juice. This is when it hit the fan. "This must be your first time in first class," she said. He asked what she meant by that. He told her he was actually on the flight that made him Executive Platinum for the 10th year in a row. She said, "You obviously don't know how this works." He told her in a calm voice that she was being very condescending. That's when she blew up on him and woke me up. He started looking the other way and asked her to stop yelling at him. The entire first class section was watching her go nuts.

Update at 3:43 p.m. December 14: John Reed, the passenger who ordered the O.J., speaks!

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