The Master Cleanser: Day 8

Status: Green

Weight: 157.6 (-13.5)

Mood: Restless Remorseful Resolved

First, the desire hatched an idea.

Then the idea became a challenge.

The challenge bred committment.

The committment begat stubborness.

Now, stubborness has morphed into habit.

The Master Cleanser has become second nature, a way of life. My weight seems to have plateaued. Mentally I'm at a very serene, peaceful place. Lemons and I are buddies. I've crafted a livable arrangement with salt water. Eating rarely crosses my mind.

Now, notice I said "rarely".

My wife - who has been very supportive, I must say - did inadvertently tempt me over the weekend with chicken salad on wheat, and those Burger King "Angry Whopper" commercials spark my saliva glands every time. At this point I'm even a little curious about the Bacon-'n-Cheese flavor of our dogs' Beggin' Strips.

But up ahead in the distance, that my friends, is the finish line.

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