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The Moose Was Loose in the Senate

You really should take a minute or two out of your morning to read Daryl "Moose" Johnston's testimony yesterday in front of the Senate Commerce Committee, which is investigating how the National Football League treats its former players. (Hint: not well at all.) It was powerful stuff, befitting a great player turned excellent broadcaster for Fox. To wit:

Former NFL players are hurting physically, emotionally, and financially. There is a tremendous amount of pride in NFL players. We don’t ask for much but we will beg for nothing. This system forces us to beg for benefits that we have earned and to which we are rightfully entitled. The League needs to take care of these legendary players who made the game of football what it is today...

Why am I here? I am not here to cause controversy, but to affect positive change. We want to fix this issue. As Senators, you have the ability to make a difference and the power to create change immediately. After presentation of these facts, my hopes are high that this situation will be resolved. There is an excessive amount of money generated by the NFL -- the money is there to solve this problem. This is a $7 billion dollar industry. Why is it not being funneled into the right areas and why is it not being administered to accomplish what it was set up to do?

My new favorite football player. Ever. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.