The National Socialist Movement Is Hosting a Swastika Lighting in Rockwall

The National Socialist Movement, which is apparently still a thing, has selected the Aryan paradise of Rockwall for its November 8 rally against immigration and to protect the American way of life. An event notice posted on The White Resister informs Unfair Park that speakers include Commander Jeff Schoep, Captain Harry Hughes, Captain Brian Culpepper, and many more to be announced. Because if there's anything that can stem the tide of undocumented individuals seeking respite from crushing poverty and violence, it's a bunch of dress-up playing douches who've given themselves military titles.

After the rally, revelers can enjoy free barbecue and a swastika burning on private property. There is no word as to whether the barbecue will cooked over the burning swastika, but, these being classy Hitler fetishizers, Unfair Park expects nothing less.

If you wish to partake in the festivities -- or get in touch with the Nazis throwing this party for other reasons -- you should email Master Sergeant Smith the head of Region 7 Director of the National Socialist Movement.

The big takeaway? There is a property owner in Rockwall who is willing to let a bunch of Nazis burn a swastika on his or her property.

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